Equipment we recommend

Whether you're a CrossFitter, Yogi, Bikini/Physique Competitor, Weightlifter, or Powerlifter we're sure you bring items with you to the gym. This page will be tailored to the CrossFit audience (we're a CrossFit gym...obviously!), but can apply to several communities. We recommend going to the following link where you can get all these things at one site. The premier equipment website. Enjoy!

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The Gym Bag

 If you don’t already have a gym bag their are a plethora of options available to you. We recommend something with lots of pockets and big enough to hold a couple pair of shoes, change of clothes, and all your other equipment.


Jump Rope

If you're new to CrossFit or are a home gymer, having your own jump rope is something we highly recommend! Not having to find the properly sized community rope at your Box or battling with your gym-mates over who gets to use what rope allows you to focus on the task at hand..... not whipping yourself during double unders!


ABG 2” Magic Stretch Tape

Average Broz is a very successful weightlifting gym out of Las Vegas and they came up with this tape for use on their Athlete's thumbs during Olympic lifts. However, this tape is absolutely amazing for wrists, fingers, taping up natural grips, and heel of the hand for false grip work! It's stretchy, super sticky, and durable! Hands down the best tape on the market for our needs.


Hand Grips

If you're new to CrossFit, you may or may not have seen someone tear their calluses from high rep bar work. It hurts, it hinders your training, and it's NOT "cool." If you're not new to CrossFit chances are you know just how terrible that first shower is on a hand tear. I recommend Bear Komplex grips. They are light and durable.


Olympic Lifters

There are TONS of options when it comes to weightlifting shoes (ReebokNOBULL, Nike, Adidas), but we suggest going with a company that you're familiar with the sizing on (or whichever one makes the cutest ones to match your outfits). Weightlifting shoes are stable, mimic added ankle flexion, and allow you to receive a barbell in a better position over a standard training shoe. Yes, they do help in squatting positions.