RuckLiftDie Death WOD "Oscar"

5 rounds

1' Burpees (Penalty for not averaging 20 reps per person)

1' Wall Sits (Penalty for not holding Wall Sit and upholding standards)

Penalty Payment - Total reps per round under the 20 reps per person average added together plus the number of people failing to maintain standard on wall sit will equal the number of log laps you must complete as a team; teams of two only; if not carrying log you must hold plank position but failure to hold plank results in another penalty; log does not touch the ground; penalty of 1 lap sandbag OH lunges enforced at time of failure (Sandbag does not touch the ground nor do knees touch the ground; 2 laps OH lunges if sandbag on ground)

Remainder of time

2 sandbag laps

50 Squat Jumps 

50 Pushups   



Muscle Endurance

3 rounds

Max Effort Pullups

2' rest in-between  



15' AMRAP 

Reps per round must equal 30 with at least 5 reps for each movement in each round - rep scheme can change from round to round



BJO (30/24") 


Father, thank you for the abilities you give us. For the strength and wisdom we gain training. Be with us as we work, that we may do our best. Help us to be encouraging to others. Thank you for the people that you have brought into our lives. Bless the athletes, coaches, and all those who support our training. May the results from our training be a reflection of Your Spirit in our lives. And finally Father, remind us that there is no failure, but only growth in the body, mind, and Spirit. Amen.