RuckLiftDie Death WOD "Papa"

2 laps Buddy Carry (1st round only) (3 or less athletes - 1 athlete carried at a time; 4-5 athletes - 2 athletes carried at a time; 6-7 athletes - 3 athletes carried at a time)

1 lap Double KB Overhead Walk* (35/26#)

25 Double KB Push Press* (35/26#) 

1 lap Plate carry* (45/35#)

25 Plate Squats* (45/35#)

1/2 lap Bear Crawl*

1/2 lap Run

*Penalty: If KB, Plate, or knee(s) touch the ground you owe 100 In & out Pushups  



5 rounds

1' / exercise  


Strict HSPU  

KB Thrusters (35/26#) 

SDHP (95/65#)




Father, thank you for the abilities you give us. For the strength and wisdom we gain training. Be with us as we work, that we may do our best. Help us to be encouraging to others. Thank you for the people that you have brought into our lives. Bless the athletes, coaches, and all those who support our training. May the results from our training be a reflection of Your Spirit in our lives. And finally Father, remind us that there is no failure, but only growth in the body, mind, and Spirit. Amen.