RuckLiftDie Death WOD "Sierra"

*Penalty Payment from previous RLD Death WOD "Romeo" 


50 In & Out Pushups

Advance 53# KB & 45# plate to next station

50 KB Goblet Squats

Advance 53# KB & 45# plate to next station

50 OH Plate Lunges

Advance 53# KD & 45# plate to next station

Hold High Plank until all RLD'ers are at the trucks; once all RLD'ers are completed, each person does 50 Burpees

Move all equipment to starting point


Log Carry for laps (max laps while alternating personnel)

RLD'ers not carrying log must complete Alternating Rucksack Turkish Get-ups (Minimum 6 completed reps per person while log is carried)


5 Burpee 10m Bear Crawl

10 Knees-to-feet OR Mountain Climbers (Long count)

15 KB Thrusters (35/26#)




10' Bottom Squat Hold (Practice sitting in bottom with PVC pipe during that time)




3 rounds

Gate run (.4 miles)

5 Squat Cleans (165/115#)

10 Deadlifts (165/115#)

With remaining time, perform as many burpees as possible



Father, thank you for the abilities you give us. For the strength and wisdom we gain training. Be with us as we work, that we may do our best. Help us to be encouraging to others. Thank you for the people that you have brought into our lives. Bless the athletes, coaches, and all those who support our training. May the results from our training be a reflection of Your Spirit in our lives. And finally Father, remind us that there is no failure, but only growth in the body, mind, and Spirit. Amen.